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that continued in los angeles. her former manager is suing britney and her parents for libel and breach of contract and he testified and made wild accusations about britney. i want to bring in commentator noelle nikpour. should britney's family settle instead of letting the trial play out and letting everyone know how troubled and fragile she was back then. >> i don't think they need to settle. as far as i am concern he is an enabler and he never had a signed contract. it was all verbal by britney meeting him at a club saying she was going to give him 15% of what she took in. he had done nothing but actually drive a wedge between britney and her parents. he was one of the biggest, like i said, enablers of her career. if you remember, she had her big meltdown with him at the helm. >> yeah. i guess it is important for the family to be standing their ground right now. carlos, this trial is really giving us a new glimpse in to just how troubled britney was during that time, isn't it? >> it is ugly. there are a lot of things that have been revealed. i remember during that time it wasn't pret
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1